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Homeopathic First Consultation: 90 min - $200

The first consultation is a thorough exploration of your physical and emotional make up or constitution. We talk about your symptoms, when they started and whether you noticed any specific patterns about them. We explore various aspects of your emotional and physical make-up, your life style, your medical history and your family’s health. An examination of your medical records and investigations (if provided by you) and a physical examination and further recommendations for any medical investigations. After an individualized evaluation, your customized constitutional remedy is determined.


Homeopathic First Follow-up Consultation: 60 to 75 minutes - $140 to $175

Booked 2-4 weeks after the first consultation, this follow-up monitors your reaction to the treatment, your progress and the future course of therapy.


Homeopathic Follow-up Consultations: 15 min ($35), 30 min ($70), 45 min ($105)

“Tune-ups” are required from time to time, depending on each unique case. This consultation functions to review your individual case, asses your condition and determine future treatment.

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