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"After struggling with hot flashes for about 3 months and lack of sleep, I made an appointment with Dr. Merchant after seeing him on a egment on Breakfast TV. Never having had any experience with Homeopathic medicine, I must say, I had my doubts but I was in for a very pleasant result! After only 3 weeks I no longer had any hot flashes, and many months later, have still not had a hint of one! Dr. Merchant did wonders for me!"

Janet Ross, Edmonton, 3 Sept. 2010

"Dr. Merchant gave me an option after 2 years of failed treatments for my stubborn dermatitis. Not only did he know what to recommend, but the treatment has been completely successful! Amazing!!"

S.D., Hawaii/ Edmonton, 25 June 2010

"I had chronic bladder infection off and on for 14 long years. I have been on antibiotics for most part of my last decade until I met Dr. Merchant. I found his approach to be very scientific and unique compared to other Naturopaths and homeopaths I have seen for my troublesome bladder in Edmonton, St. Albert, Calgary and even Kelowna! anmd none of them were able to make the slightest difference; even if they did, I would have burning urination as soon as I stopped their course of treatment.
My urologist is very happy with the results, and I have been symptom free and medicine free for 4 months now! Thank you Dr."

M. Pappe, Edmonton, 2 Feb 2011 

"I had health issues that my GP could not help with. I also saw a number of Naturoipaths and TCM practitioners but to no relief. When I booked an appointment with Dr. Merchant, I was skeptical given the results I was obtaining- but much to my surprize and delight, I noticed improvements since day 1! He has helped me immensely with my endometriosis and depression. Finally, after 5 years I am off of zoloft and fibromyalgia has almost been cured. Thank you again, Dr. Merchant!"

V.L., Edmonton, 31 Aug. 2012

"Dr. Merchant is an exceptional and talented practitioner of alternative medicine in Edmonton, AB. I had something called acute sinusitis that prevented my ability to function in the workplace. After 4 doctors in three provinces, meeting a dental surgeon, consulting a Ear Nose and Throat specialist and meeting so called alternative practitioners of homeopathy and naturapathy in Saskatchewan and Alberta that had no clue what to do - Dr. Merchant was the ONLY person quickly able to diagnose and relieve the symptoms present. I am free of acute sinusitis thanks to his medical acumen. He is a friendly and extremely knowledgeable person in the field of alternative medicine. Not many people realize this, but, unlike other homeopaths, Dr. Merchant has a degree in Homeopathic medicine and has done 1 year of clinical internship and completed his MD. 
Don't listen to me, give Dr. Merchant an opportunity and I kid you not, you will be blown away (not literally) :) 
Thank you Dr. Merchant and God Bless!!"

Zef, Edmonton, 6 Sept. 2013

"I had attended his lectures at Planet Organic and finally decided to give him a try. He is very thorough in the first 3 visits and I think it is worth the cost. I do not have coverage for Homeopathy but I also do not put money ahead of health. His treatments can be costly but he also does not charge extra for email consults, so it makes up for the high cost. His appointments run late because of his thoroughness, but I do not mind that."

Sameer, 17 Dec. 2013

"Conventional medication did not address my stomach problems. Homeopathy made a hue difference in ensuring I was pain free. Thanks to Dr. Merchant, I can function well with IBS"

M.P., Calgary

"I was having health issues for over 2 years, I tried seeing 6 different doctors who continually tried prescribing the same treatment and I felt that I was not beinf listened to. When I started seeing Dr. Merchant, I found that he was extremely thorough and found the root of these health issues. Within a month of my first consult with him, all of my health issues had been greatly reduced and now I feel fully back to normal, which has changed my life and how I feel:) Thank you Dr. Merchant! You rock!"

Kylie D., Edmonton, 23 Sept. 2011

"In only 3 months' time and 4 sessions with Dr. Merchant, he was one to identify and address and treat symptoms of mood disorders and depression that have been on-going for many years. The confidence in Dr. MErchant stems from the great care he takes in analyzing one's personality, paying close attention to personality traits that might seem less important or apparent, in order to truly understand some of the underlying many times subconscious issues that could cause a situation. His calm attitude creates a lot of comfort and it is also very reassuring that he can be reached at short notice via email for questions around the treatment. I can only highly recommend Dr. Merchant for any symptoms related to mood disorders and depressionthat can be treated in a better way than with anti-depressants. Thank you very much!"

S.C., Edmonton, 22 Nov. 2014

"Rafael has suffered from several episodes of skin irritation over the last few years. Treatment options from both family doctor+ pediatricians were no long term solutions. The sessions with Dr. Merchant helped us analyze the circumstances and conditions around which the irritations appeared. Dr. Merchant put in a lot of effort in eliciting as much information as possible about those circumstances to identify the root of the problem. He also dedicated a lot of time to learn about Rafael's personality before prescribing a medication. Rafael's skin problems have been mostly resolved and we feel very confident that should another incident occur, we have a competent, and trustworthy doctor to go to."

S.C. for her 3 year old son Edmonton, 22 Nov. 2014

"Dr. Merchant has been my physician for pat 5 years. Was recommended by my daughter who owns a health food store. I have always experienced beneficial advice and treatments and my cardiologist cannot believe that my arrhythmia is stable with something as safe and gentle as Homeopathy. Much appreciated. Thank you!!"

Josie, Fort Saskatchewan, Dec. 2014

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