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Dr. Merchant has been invited to speak at this year's seminar "Heart Matters" organized by Grey Nun's Community Hospital Cardiac Sciences Outreach Program. Renowned city cardiologist Dr Gulamhusein and other professionals from the field of cardiac care will present on various topics pertaining to heart health.
To register, please call Ms. Susan Koshy at 780-735-7072
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For a second straight year, Dr. Merchant conducted a workshop at the 2019 Gateways Conference at the Waldorf Independent School of Edmonton. This time around Temperaments were illustrated in the light of his personal cases ranging from ADHD, depression, OCD and autism spectrum disorder to demonstrate the efficacy of Homeopathic treatments where the study of temperaments proved to be an indispensable tool. 
2019 Temperaments talk1.PNG
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2019 Temperaments talk3.PNG
Dr. Merchant was honored and grateful for the opportunity to conduct a workshop at the 2018 Annual Gateways Conference at the Waldorf Independent School of Edmonton. The talk was on Temperaments and how studying temperaments and identifying them in children can equip parents and educators alike to recognize strengths and weaknesses of their children and work harmoniously towards an improved learning experience. 
Date: 5 May 2018, Saturday
Time: 1pm to 2:45pm
Location: Waldorf Independent School of Edmonton- 7211 96A Ave. NW Edmonton AB, T6B 1B5
2018 Gateways workshop.jpg
Photo Courtesy: Dr. Rafael Butamante
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