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A new year, a new resolve.

It is already here- like many things in life that are anticipated with much eagerness, and yet catch us off guard and unprepared- like your partner's due date, like your baby's first foot steps striding while you are trying to switch that camera on, like puberty, like menopause, like old age and eventual passing on... that make us realize we could have done better with the time on our hand- 2018 is here, and it is going to stay for another year. Let us resolve to have no regrets. Let us resolve that we will fight our own demons within that hold us back from our true potential, let us resolve we will take care of our health and make healthy choices so we are capable of making those positive changes for our families and friends. Let us resolve to not be discouraged when the results of our endeavors do not yield the outcomes we hoped for. Let us promise to ourselves, we will take at least one step forward, no matter how hard it may seem in that thousand mile journey. And if we have to look back, we will have no regrets; for each one of us have a unique journey to complete, and while we may not realize the importance of our sojourn, when we finally reach our destination, looking back we can say to ourselves- "I would not have done it any other way!"

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